Non-boring Neutral Shoes

As you know, I'm not a fan of neutrals. Beige is my particular foe. (Can I just take this moment to rant about how much I hate using the word nude as a substitute for beige. Not everyone is the same shade when we're naked or even when we're clothed.) Be that as it may, it's still a good idea to have a pair or two of neutral shoes on hand. Much as I love my reds, purples, and teals, I know that sometimes I need to take things down a notch. Doesn't mean I need to be completely boring though. The collection of neutral shoes below has work in mind. I'd like to think they would elevate any pencil skirt-blouse combo from "I have to wear this" to "You can't kill my spunk."

1. Chelsea Crew oxford, Mod Cloth $60 (so getting these)
2. Mojo Moxy bow pumps, Mod Cloth $70
3. Miz Mooz "Callista" pump, Amazon $129 (People come in this shade, but it's listed as mushroom. Gah!)
4. Calvin Klein "Kathy" fish scale pump, $70 (sale)
5. Nine West "Legna" heel in black and gold, Amazon $55
6. collage heels with bow, Mod Cloth $70

1.Seychelles "Scout" perforated oxford, Amazon $95
2. Rampage "Ludo" studded smoking slipper, Amazon $40
3.Seychelles "Tell Me A Story" polka dot pump, Amazon $95
4. beige mary jane wedges, Mod Cloth $40
5. Miz Mooz "Starla" triple button mary jane, Amazon $129
6. Franco Sarto "Baroque" metallic lizard pump, Amazon $54
7. Seychelles "Night And Day" flat, Amazon $95
8. Chelsea Crew oxford loafer, Mod Cloth $59

Most of these shoes come in more than one neutral and some come in at least one color, so click the links for your full range of options.


Jennifer Wells said…
Stop! Ugh. Now I want to buy shoes.
Jael Paris said…
becca and I are both shoe shopping right now, so there will be SO MANY shoe posts.
Jennifer Wells said…
Gotta catch 'em all, Pokemon!

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