Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Gala 2014

Last year's punk theme ran up against more than one person who refused to deign to the night's honoree. This year's theme was Charles James, essentially the Christian Dior of America (a man whom Dior himself credited as his inspiration). If you love photographs of classic movie stars, chances are you've drooled over one of James' show-stopping dresses. If you have ever longed for a dress by Oscar de la Renta or Zac Posen, know that they owe a great debt to Charles James.
Don't these ladies look like finely wrapped candies in their big skirts, elegant draping, and rainbow of colors?

Did the celebrities in attendance pull out all the big gowns? It seemed like many celebrities wanted to play dress up this year. Click through the gallery below for the women who pulled off the theme the best.

Check out the Met's exhibit page or Vogue's article on James for more details on the exhibit and the man. For more thoughts on the nearly 200 hundred dresses people in attendance, go to our Facebook page.


Jennifer Wells said…
No question these dresses are gorgeous, but the punk theme was so fun! I think it gave people more opportunity to really do something crazy.
Jael Paris said…
I also loved the punk theme. The Met Ball really highlights who will play with fashion and who won't.

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