Under My Umbrella, ella, ella, ay, ay, ay

It's April, which typically means rain. Thankfully, it's been sunny and warm-ish so far, but I know that won't last. Brighten up rainy days with a playful umbrella. Which is your favorite?
Dots Bubble Umbrella, Macy's, $19
Cityscape Bubble Umbrella, Shopbop, $65
Raining Cats & Dogs Umbrella, Fab, $14
Raindrops Keep Falling Umbrella, Modcloth, $30

Deep Sea Creatures Umbrella, Nordstrom, $19
Night Lights (dots) Umbrella, Fab, $56
Microdot Umbrella, Kohl's, $48
Open City Scene Umbrella, Macy's, $21


Jennifer Wells said…
For practical purposes, I love the clear umbrellas!

I have such bad luck with them, though--umbrellas in general, that is--they always get turned inside out by wind
becca said…
I have the same problem with my umbrella (hence the shopping for a new one). Have you tried the clear bubble umbrellas? My mom has one, and it won't turn inside out because of it's shape.
Anonymous said…
No, I haven't! I should, though, that sounds fantastic.

I was hoping that somewhere out there was some type of super-umbrella that wouldn't succumb to the wind.

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