Under the Gunn Season 1 Finale Recap

Sorry this is a week late, but I was out of town for the finale. I've finally settled in to watch it though, and it was a pretty good showing. I still wish designers had more time for finale collections like in the old days of Project Runway, but this group turned out a good bunch of fashion.

All of the collections are below. You can click on the image to view it larger.

Asha did a good job. I liked a lot of her individual pieces, but I agree with the judges that it wasn't a cohesive vision. Also, Asha's attention to detail still isn't quite there. She's a strong designer, but I think she has a way to go.

Oscar wowed with his collection. The clothes had a stunning presence on the runway. People even clapped throughout his collection rather than just at the beginning and the end. He does beautiful work, and for his final collection he was able to break from his more matronly looks and create some cool clothes. His wasn't my favorite collection, but I don't begrudge him the win at all. He did a beautiful job.

Sam made my favorite collection. His clothes were very commercial, which the judges usually read as "not worthy of winning even though they would make a lot of money." I love his chic casual vibe. Oscar's collection was probably technically better, but Sam has an interesting point of view that I really want to see more of.

Shan's collection had some really cool pieces, but as a whole, it looks a little jumbled. I liked his illusion tights and his leather jacket, but I can't see a lot of this reading well on the rack. I liked a lot of his stuff from the challenges better.

What did you think of the winning collection, and which was your favorite?


MaZ said…
No Project Runway recaps? :( I read yours religiously!
becca said…
Hey MaZ, Sorry. They are coming. I'm just a little behind! Thanks for checking in.

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