State of the Denim Address

I need new jeans. My black jeans bit the dust this week and I can tell that my other two pairs of jeans aren't long for this world. Sadly, I don't think I will be able to buy any new jeans. They don't sell them anymore. They just sell leggings in various shapes.

Actually, that's an insult to leggings. I have leggings that offer more structure and less spandex than most of the jeans I've come across. I get the appeal of stretch denim for manufacturers. They just make one style of jeans, make it super stretchy and let us all pull them on like we do tights. There's another bonus to leggings. They are easier to get off than most of the jeans I've tried on. But leggings aren't pants. I need actual pants.

Aside from the poor fit and the constant tugging because the jeans creep up or down, stretch denim is getting so stretchy it has new problems. Do we really need jeans that give us camel toe? If you are a fellow member of the thick thighs club, do you really want to wrap them in a fabric that clings like sausage casing (instead of offering structure and a smooth, comfy fit like real denim)? Do we, as women, really want to keep wearing jeans that pucker, bubble and highlight flaws or create them? I tried on one pair that had such a strange, stretchy texture it made my legs look like they were composed entirely of cellulite, which is seriously not that big of a problem for me.

Wither the denim stores? Five percent spandex is plenty, and preferable to the five percent cotton you're currently rocking.


Anonymous said…
It's just another example of clothing manufacturers trying to stretch their dollars. I don't know whom to blame more, them or the general public because we always want things to cost less. (Guilty!)

It's kind of like complaining about fast food never offering healthy options. It's because people won't buy it.

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