Pick of the Week: Fluffy Wine Slip

Just a few years ago, we were lamenting the lack of slips in stores. To many, this is an old fashioned item, but to us it's a fashion must-have. Slips keep your butt covered when the wind grabs your skirt. As many skirts are now sold without linings, slips keep skirts from riding up on your tights, keep the light from turning your skirt sheet, and keep itchy fabric off of your skin. Colored slips with decorative trims are also wonderful for layering under a shorter skirt to add length.

Because of the proliferation of sheer clothes and fit-and-flare dresses the last few years, slips are back in stores. Yay! I'm smitten with this full slip in burgundy tulle from Mod Cloth. It's sweet on it's own for lounging around the house, and it will add fullness to my dresses. You could easily wear it with skirts and use the top part as a cami. It's priced nice at $32.99.


Jennifer Wells said…
That is fantastic. Burgundy is one color that always feels right to me. It adds color without being too bright, like red (not that that's a bad thing, but it's not always what I want) but it also feels strong without being as stern as black.

Also: leather skirt. Dying to know.
Anonymous said…
really lovely! great pick <3



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