Pick of the Week: Floral Painting Jacket

Today was jacket weather. Then it was too hot to move. Then it was steamy and raining with a harsh wind. Last week, it snowed. Looks like I'll still be carrying a jacket with me for another month. That's less of a let down with this floral painting bomber jacket. I'm not even into florals, and I love this print. I reminds me of Japanese tattoos, Van Gogh's Cherry Blossoms, and Monet's Waterlilies all at once. Unlike some other bomber jackets I've seen lately, this one is a breathable cotton blend. It would look equally lovely with a tutu or jeans. It's only $26 on Amazon, but the shipping is a little high as the item is coming from Korea. Still worth it for a classic style with a beautiful print.


Jennifer Wells said…
That is simply lovely. I've seen a lot of things from Korea that I really like!

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