How to Wear Olive Drab

The Fall Winter runways were absolutely full of army green or olive drab. We have a few months before we see if that will translate into stores, but it got me thinking about how difficult it can be to integrate olive drab into your wardrobe. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized olive drab has the potential to go with everything.

Since this is army green, you can always wear it with military colors: black, khaki, navy and red.

Army + Red


My art professor used to say, "If it is found in nature, the colors coordinate." He was so sick of students saying silly things like "Pink and green don't go together!" In that light, flowering cacti mix olive drab and bright flowers like professionals. If plants love olive drab so much, don't be afraid to wear it as the solid with your florals or as the base to your brights.
Desert Flower

Olive in a more iridescent, less drab form, is also a prevalent color in beetles. (I think beetles are freaking cool.) Use them as a guide for mixing in bright jewel tones.
The Beetles

Olive drab shows up in, -- gasp -- olives. Trying adding some dark purple to your black and olive.

Since olive drab is found so often in nature, it's safe to call it an earth tone. This color will work seamlessly with shades of brown, black, orange, deep reds and muted yellows.
Earth Tones


Anonymous said…
Who in the world said that pink and green don't go together? That is just insanity.
Jael Paris said…
There are a shocking number of people who think they clash. Some people want fashion and style to be a crazy-strict list of Dos and Don'ts. These people do not have fun with color.

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