Fashion Links

Brittney Lee is an artist for Disney Animation studios. On her blog, she outlines her thought process for demonstrating character traits through the costumes in Frozen. (She's a fabulous paper artist too!)

Would you ever quit shampoo? (The Hairpin)

This American Life looks at the "science" behind People magazine's "Most Beautiful" search.

Jezebel takes a look back at the unfortunately classic 1977 book Dress for Success. Plaid tests well.

Speaking of how to dress for work, the thin, imaginary line for female lawyers is tricky. (Slate)

The Cut tackles the sensitive subject of pink.

Are you lazy but you don't want to look lazy? Me too! Buzzfeed rounded up 26 hair tips for lazy girls like us.

Enjoy some fashion shots, many of which are candid, from 1960s London. Then behold the 1990 J. C. Penney catalog offerings. Weep. (Retronaut)

Jon our Facebook discussion about terrible TV wedding dresses.


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