Etsy Shop of the Week: A Likely Story

Shop: A Likely Story

Why We Love It: It's a bit of a mystery how this shop hasn't been featured several times as Etsy Shop of the Week. We've used it a few times in Project Design posts, but it's never had it's own feature, which is odd because Jael and I are lovers of books and words. This Etsy shop has everything you need to add a bookish touch to any outfit. Typewriter keys make up the bulk of the jewelry for a vintage look that just stepped out of the pages of a classic. There are also cute illustrations for even more adorable, book-ish fun.

Price Range: $17 - $50

Favorite Items: $

Pictured: Proofread Bracelet $29; Got Words Bracelet $40; Bookish Bracelet $40; Espresso Bracelet $51; Reading Bracelet $41; Author Bracelet $37; Read Key Ring $18; Literary Necklace $27; Book Nerd Bracelet $28; Word Smith Necklace $33 (also pictured above)


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