Under the Gunn Recap Episode 9

I loved the idea of this challenge. Convertible clothing always seems like a cool idea (even if it doesn't always work in practice). Each designer had to create a look that converted from day to night. I didn't fully agree with the winner and loser. Oscar did have the best finishing and a good design and Michelle's look did not work.

Team Anya
Team Anya had a high with Shan and a low with Blake. Shan earned his high and Blake his low. However, I would have given Blake the boot over Michelle. He has had a rougher go and his look wasn't interesting for day where his night look was a little too interesting in regards to the hemline.

Team Nick
Team Nick had a high and a win. I felt like both of Oscars looks were night, but I don't begrudge him the win. The work he did in that amount of time was incredible. Natalia had an interesting concept, but I would have felt better if she was only safe. Even the judges admitted that it didn't really work. Her top spot should have gone to Sam.

Team Mondo
Speaking of Team Mondo, who had a safe, a low and an out, Sam should have had a high instead of a safe. His look really worked. Sure, they were both more of day looks, but we didn't take points off of Oscar for a similar issue. Asha earned her low spot. She had a lot of ideas but the proportions were the worst ever. Really. Ever. I didn't think Michelle totally deserved to go. If we were giving points to Natalia for ideas, we should have also award them to Michelle who is really talented and a huge loss. Her ideas might not have worked, but they came through better than Blake's.

What did you think of the winner, loser and in between?


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