Under the Gunn Episode 8 Recap

Going into episode 8, Anya had two designers while Nick and Mondo each had three. I was a little surprised Tim stood behind Anya's coaching in the previous episode based on what we saw, which means the magic of editing strikes again. On to the next challenge...

The designers were invited to a beach party when they then had to dismantle in order to gain their materials for the challenge. Team Anya played it pretty low key and safe this week which landed both Shan and Blake in the happy middle. After a few turbulent weeks, Anya was happy with that result.

Team Mondo finally found it's way back to the top, well mostly. Michelle was in the bottom. She felt a little left out of Mondo's critiques, but he seemed positive about her look, which the judges hated. I agree that it looked a bit cheap, and I hope Michelle can get the Mondo time she needs. Asha landed in the top three with a rather impressive look that really didn't seem like a design from an unconventional materials challenge. I almost thought she'd be the winner, but Sam took that prize and a bonus prize just for his sense whimsy. Mondo got to pick the winner. He gave it to Sam because he felt he needed a boost. Both were deserving so I was fine with the win. Plus, Sam's pineapple purse really was adorable and the swishing skirt was super fun.

Team Nick wasn't so lucky for the most part. Oscar did turn around what started out as a terrible look. He fundamentally does not get the unconventional material challenge, but after a harsh critique, he regrouped and landed on a great look. Natalia had a great idea, but she is not fast enough to execute big ideas on this show. The judges recognized that her look had potentional. Sadly, it didn't reach it. Stephanie found herself in a terrible big of trouble. The look never came together despite the potential Nick seemed to see in it. The competition is getting hard, I'm not really surprised to see her go.

What did you think of the winner, loser and in between?


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