Project Design: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today is St. Patrick's Day. Being Irish, this day is special to me. For me, it's not just a day to celebrate the history of Ireland and its most famous saint, but also a day to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Irish immigrants in America (and we are legion). Unfortunately, I know today will be a day of non-stop Facebook updates from (non-Irish) friends telling me that they are drinking green beer. Please, at least drink a Guinness or Harp or some Irish whiskey. Green Budweiser is just a joke.

To make myself feel a little better, I've rounded up some Celtic-themed jewelry from Etsy.

Leather Tree of Life Cuff Bracelet by Celtic Craft Shop

Silver Celtic Peacock Brooch by Jellies Jewelry

Carved Lapis Heraldic Dragon Ring by Regnas

Spiral Torque by Syama

2 Pence Irish Coin Locket by Autopilot Empires

Celtic Knot Earrings with Glass Pendants by Skygrown Jewelry


sara said…
WOW! Beautiful jewelry pieces I must say. It is nice to see the latest summer jewelry collection. The earrings, the bracelets and the ring all are just wonderful. I personally like that perfect platinum diamond ring displayed above.

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