Poll: Mascara

The Fall Winter 2014 runways have been full of "natural" makeup. This has meant everything from light foundation with nude lipstick to zero makeup with dry lips. The common denominator with the no makeup look has been a complete lack of mascara.

For most women, mascara is their must. Some women love the drama of long, dark lashes. Others just want their pale lashes to show up. In my case, I want to look awake.

Mascara isn't my makeup must; lipstick is. I've often gone without mascara because of my seasonal eye allergies, but I can't imagine getting dressed up without mascara. For every day, I can take it or leave it. What about you?


obejmy said…
super tutaj u Ciebie :)
Rachel said…
Eye liner and mascara are pretty much the only makeup I wear. Same as you: it makes me look awake.
Jennifer Wells said…
I like mascara, but it's definitely not an every day thing.

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