New York & London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Accessories

The good news is purses seem to be shrinking to a more reasonable size. Although, if Chanel sends body bags down the runway in a few days, you know people will be carrying them.

The bad news is designers seem to not understand that Fall/Winter usually means cold. The runways have features a weird number of sandals. Not just the peep toe boots of yore but full on sandals worn with socks.

Back to good news: jewelry. Drool.

While we work on our Oscar post, tell us what you think of the shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses, and other accoutrements from New York and London Fashion Week.

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Anonymous said…
I loved many things from almost all of the designers featured in this post, with the except of Rodarte. I liked the glasses, and very little else. Wrinkled tan hosiery socks, really?

I would like preferred Badgley Mischka to have had more color.

Feathered clutch, yes!

Sporty oxfords, I don't know.

I loved the satin boots from Anna Sui.
Bronwyn Harris said…
I want all of the shoes from Anna Sui.
AMAZING!! Especially those amazing green boots!!!
Why am I not very rich to buy such things??

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