5 Ways to Break the Winter Waredrobe Rut

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This has been a cold and terrible winter. To cope, I've been wearing the same rotation of 7 or 8 outfits. They are warm, they work with my boots, and did I mention that they are warm? But I'm so done with this winter even if it isn't entirely done with me, so I'm trying to switch things up and maybe encourage spring weather to come faster.

1. Shop your closet.
We've talked about this a bit before, but the best way to spruce up your regular rotation of clothes is to see what might be hiding in your own closet.

2. Try things on together.
Yes, that skirt is a bit boxy, but it might look killer with that shirt you think is a bit too fitted. Yes, that dress might be a bit short unless you wear it with knee boots and leggings. This is fun to do with friends (Jael made me do this once). Some combinations will be great. Others will be so bad, you and your friends will be loopy with laughter.

3. Layer the spring/summer clothes.
Sunday it was about 18°F, but it looked sunny so I didn't check the temp. I wanted spring and wore a flouncy skirt and bright tee. I should have layered with a cute cardigan and warmer tights and shoes. Play with unconventional layers too. Try wearing cute socks with tights and booties. Layer two light cardis and see what happens. Play around (see #2).

4. Go for springtime nails and makeup.
The same basic looks will feel fresh if the rest of your looks new and vibrant. Plus, those springtime colors might encourage springtime weather to come out.

5. Put a bird on it.
Or a flower or something shiny. Try sprucing up the same old pieces by doing some DIY. Replace boring buttons with something new. Stitch a cute bird-shaped patch over that stubborn stain on your favorite sweater. Spruce it up. Make it pretty.


Jael Paris said…
Closet and I are fighting. You need to come visit and sort us out.
Jennifer Wells said…
When people start complaining about winter in January, it kind of bugs me. I feel like it's not legitimate until the end of February, when all of us are WELL SICK of wool sweaters, as life-saving as they are.

So, yes, Becca, at this time, I am right there with ya. And I want to wear pink.

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