Under the Gunn Episode 5 Recap

Under the Gunn: Episode 5 Recap And then there were nine. Week five finally brings us the demise of the season’s most annoying designer. Isabelle is out. She was so tedious she forced Tim Gun to raise his voice on multiple occasions. She never listened to the “time’s up” rule. She wouldn’t listen to her mentor Nick when he tried to help her. She even chased her model and garment down the hallway when Tim finally dragged it to the line for the runway. One of the show’s product team members had to pull her back because she simply wouldn’t listen. Stay tuned for more on the Isabelle situation.

The challenge itself was a fun one. The designers were tasked with making a performance outfit for Zendaya, a Disney pop star who is 17. The look needed to be fun, young, not too racy and easy to dance in. Of the 10 designers only three were safe, four were in the bottom and two were granted top slots.

Team Anya hit all marks with Nicholas safe, Shan in the top and Blake in the bottom. Shan’s look was bold with graphic print pants and a leather jacket that featured a full fringe back. It didn’t totally work for the young pop star, but it was a cool concept done very well. Nicholas went a little dark, and I’m not sure I can see this being danced in, but it was safe enough to get in through to next week. Blake landed in the bottom, but they really could have made him safe and pulled another person into the top (Michelle!). His look wasn’t great or original, but it was nearly as bad as the others.

Team Mondo claimed another win making it the third in a row. (Will we see Team Mondo sweep the season? That would be cool). Michelle and Sam were safe while Asha stepped up to take her turn in the winner’s circle. She nailed this challenge with the look of a flannel “boyfriend” shirt wrapped around the skirt and the edgy-yet fun vibe. She knew her client and earned the win. Michelle had a really cool look that I thought deserved a top spot. It had great graphic impact and would be easy to move in. Sam went a little too casual. This is a cool look for Zendaya to wear when grabbing coffee before hitting the recording studio, but it’s not really stage-worthy.

Team Nick had a much harder week. Nick started the week with the last remaining team of four designers, but closed it out with all of them in the bottom and one of them going home. While some could argue that Oscar was 25% in the top and 75% in the bottom, it was still mostly a bad week for him. He garment was perfectly constructed and crazy ambitious for a day’s worth of work, but I’m not sure he is aware of what people actually wear. His red costume would be more at home on a aging diva performing in Vegas. Natalia made a sporty look more suited to the gym than the stage, and it wasn’t stunning activewear either. Stephanie went too high-concept and failed to execute even part of her idea. Isabelle was a train wreck. It’s hard to tell what her vision even was.

My only complaint about Isabelle’s demise was how Nick handled it. She was going home regardless, but Nick wanted have a final word. Perhaps he was defending his mentoring. Perhaps he had just had enough, but he responded to all her accusations and basically said she was awful. He should have kept quiet. The rest of his team was visibly shaken by the thought that he wouldn’t back them up in the future. He’s a mentor, not a judge.

What did you think of Nick’s response? Do you agree with the choices for top and bottom?


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