Under the Gunn Episode 4 Recap

Another trip down the runway for the designers proved to be quite a challenge to the mentors.

Nick looked back at his previous week's mentoring and decided to pull back, which paid off for him landing one designer in the top (Oscar, I was unsure of the look), one in the bottom (Isabelle, who I am over, but she was ultimately safe) and two safe from the get go (Stephanie and Natalia who were kind of boring). Isabelle didn't heed his advice so all in all, it was a good week of mentoring for him. I'm waiting for Tim to kick her off the show because she doesn't follow the "times up" rule, ever.

Mondo recognized some strengths and weaknesses from last week. He did have the winning and losing designer. He was doing some things right and some wrong. He really stepped it up and tried to improve his mentoring and help his team. Last week's winner, Sam, was safe with a so-so look. Michelle, who almost went home last week, won the challenge. Her look wasn't my favorite, but she did an incredible job. Asha produced the look I was most likely to wear--super cute.

Anya felt confident in her mentoring style after the first week which went pretty well for her. However, her designers perhaps needed a bit more guidance. While two here safe (Shan and Blake), two were in the bottom. The judges had a hard time deciding who would go home so they gave Anya the option. I'm really glad they defaulted to the mentor on this. She knows her team. I do think she chose to keep the designer with more potential, but the one who listened to her advice and probably did a little better on the challenge got sent home.

Click through the slideshow to see all the designs.

What do you think so far? I'm more captivated by watching some of my favorite designers from the past mentor than I am watching the new talent. Hopefully the fashion starts to captivate me more as the season goes on. Maybe the judges will even grow on me. (I'm only on board with Tim and Rachael Roy).


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