Tokyo Milk Dark

Tokyo Milk has figured out how to bottle the scent of a jazz singer in 1930s Shanghai who is secretly an assassin. Their Dark collection is all about the femme fatale with names like Bullet Proof, La Vie La Mort, and Arsenic. Like the great femme fatales of the silver screen these scents are strong and spicy. Arsenic bears notes of absinthe, vanilla salt, cut greens, and crushed fennel. My favorite scent, Excess, smells like amber resin, oak bark, blood orange, and patchouli. Even the sugared Bittersweet, scented with cake flour and cocoa, is most likely packing a switchblade. And according to a typo on Amazon, Everything and Nothing contains Ood. Speaking of Amazon, Tokyo Milk's Dark collection is $10 off on Amazon making these excellent perfumes less than $30. If perfumes aren't your thing, they also carry hand creams and lip balms

No Doctor Who aliens were harmed in the making of this post.


Jennifer Wells said…
Tokyo Milk products are also sold at Marigold's, in downtown SB:

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