Project Design: Heart Dress

I don't often give Valentine's day much thought. February 15th is my holiday. That's when chocolate goes on clearance. However, I do think it can be fun to dress like a Valentine. Hearts, flowers, ruffles, lace. It's one day of the year you can get away with being ridiculously girly (not that I don't do this other days of the year, but people find it less odd on Valentine's day). Vote below for your favorite heart dress.

Sporty Heart Dress by magneticthreads

Subtle Heard & Dot Dress by xiaolizi

Black Heart Back Cutout by RalucaMartinescu

Aqua Heart Cutout Pixie Dress by MissBrache

Handpainted Dress by GretaPigattocouture


Hearts! Do you have a post on how to wear shift dresses? I feel like I'm seeing them all the time but I'm worried that they'll look a little too potato sack-y on me (wideish shoulders).

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