New York & London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Beauty

Two beauty trends have emerged so far in fashion week: androgyny and nontraditional eyeshadow. Nontraditional eyeshadow has involved unexpected colors like bright pink and modish placements of makeup. Androgyny, the much stronger of the trends, has taken the form of bleached brows, strong brows, boyish hair, and an overall nude face. For several shows, this has also meant comb overs. There has been little in the way of blush, lashes or bold lips.

You can imagine which of these trends I like best. As such, this gallery features the more interesting looks because you know exactly what no makeup and messy hair look like. We plebeians call it morning. Scroll through for glitter, Lorde fingers, and smudgy lipstick.

Image sources:, The Cut, and


Jennifer Wells said…
I find the imperfect lipstick, rosy cheeks and curls of the Vivienne Westwood show lovely. I tend to like slightly disheveled. Then again, it could also be considered the work of a five-year-old getting ready.

Jael Paris said…
I also like the makeup at Vivienne Westwood. When I buy lipstick, I pay attention to how it smudges. Orange, by the way, is terrible for this because it looks like pasta sauce stains.

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