New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Horrors

If they remade Pretty Woman on ice, this would be Vivian's opening costume. (Betsey Johnson)

At least it looks like you could fit your phone in those pockets, but the zipper... (Betsey Johnson)

Some of these items might be fun on their own, but this has a lot going on. (Betsey Johnson)

This is Lady Gaga's male alter-ego when he's a Miami retiree. (3.1 Phillip Lim)

Is this a formal, bedazzled, windbreaker dress? (3.1 Phillip Lim)

Subtle is Jeremy Scott's middle name.

If your stylist envisions bleached brows and comb overs for the woman of tomorrow, get a new stylist. (Alexander Wang)

Do you feel a draft? (Alexander Wang)

Good news! It doubles as a bath mat. (Oscar de la Renta)

Rodarte's patchwork knit reminds me of this classic horror.

Proenza Schouler's show was an ode to what I see when I get hit in the head. (Proenza Schouler)

I want a winter top that looks like it was made of duct tape and seat belts. (Dion Lee)

Marc by Marc Jacobs has solved unemployment. If you're looking for work, just rent out your outfits.

Marc by Marc wants to put some expensive spring in your step.

I get that henleys are classic comfort wear, but Marc Jacobs got a bit too comfortable.

If it's cold enough to wear a turtle neck and a sweatshirt, perhaps one should cover her legs with more than a poorly tied sarong.

Most of Vera Wang's collection was lovely, but these looks are more like something we could expect from a Project Runway designer who suffered a mental break after 12 hour of trying to make a jumpsuit out of ruched dollar store nylons.

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