Love or Loathe: Unlined

Sheer things can go away now. I like layering just as much as the next girl, but some tops need their own lining. Over and over, I've seen fighting straps, conflicting layers and general awkwardness. Sheer should add options and sexy. Unfortunately, it's starting to look like the styling like this Free People top more often than not. This looks terrible on so many levels.

Would you like to lining return to wardrobe racks everywhere or do you like the versatility sheer allows?


Anonymous said…
There are many things that I like in theory but the execution doesn't match my hopes. I think sheer is one of these. Sometimes.

I look at the top in this picture, and on its own, it's lovely. It has a delicate, 1920s feel to it. But I think it would look prettier on a velvet hanger, suspended from a decorative hook on the back of my bedroom door than actually being worn by a real person.

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