Love or Loathe: Girly Top

We love girly things. When we're not going all Viktor & Rolf with ruffles and bows and pink, we like to at least mix a little something feminine in with our jeans and sweaters. However, when you embrace the girly with both arms, you have to be careful about going over the top. (Unless your MO is to throw caution to the wind.) Even with khakis, the world's most boring pants, this lilac rose halter may be too girly for my 30 years. It even has a ribbon tie at the neck. I'd still try it with jeans though. Then I'd try it with a tutu and sequin shoes.
Does this aggressively girly top rot your teeth with sweetness or is it perfect for your cupcake party?


Nora Bradshaw said…
I love it, but I don't know if it would love me.

Leather pants? They seem to be the answer for everything these days.
Peter Broady said…
Thanks for a ggreat read

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