Etsy Shop of the Week: Vintage50sEyewear

Vintage 1950s eye glasses
Shop: Vintage50sEyewear

Why We Love It: I need new glasses, and I've been contemplating getting a pair of vintage frames. I love bold glasses, and I don't wear mine all the time so I can afford to go a little over the top since they don't have to fit with every look I want to wear. These vintage glasses are just too much fun.

Price Range: $48 - $265

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Favorite Items:
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Pictured: Decorative Olive Cat Eye Glasses $145; Wood Grain Harlequin Cat Eye Glasses $94: Ice Blue Glasses $134; Tura Rhinestone Glasses $224; Ornate Rhinestone Cat Eye Glasses $128; Octagon Glasses $118; Men's Horn Rim Glasses $94; Blue Cat Eye Glasses $64; 60s Bling Bling Cat Eye Glasses $89; Yellow Tamarin Ray Ban Glasses $139 (also pictured above)


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