Be My Vintage Valentine

Happy Valentine's day. If you're not the type for romantic plans, I hope you at least enjoy some chocolate or the fact that it's Friday. Today, we're taking a stroll through the past fashion of Valentine's day from the cards to the magazine covers to the pin-ups to the advertisements (after all, what's Valentine's day without ads).
What Shall I Wear? (McCalls 1965) 

Vintage Barbie Fashion Magazine (1969)

"Like music from my transistor, I can't resist you!"

"Wooden shoe like to be my Valentine?" (1950s Mouseketeer Card)

Party On

The Saturday Evening Post (1922)

Mother/Daughter Valentine Underwear Ad 

Vintage Valentine-themed Beer Ad

Jet Magazine (1950s)

I guess he's quite a catch?

Football-themed Valentine

Cyd Charisse (Click to view a whole page of Vintage Actress Valentines Gray Flannel Suit)

And who doesn't love Shirley Temple? (with Jimmy Dunn, 1935)


Anonymous said…
These made me happy. : )

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