Under the Gunn Episode 6

Under the Gunn produced it's first surprise ending. Last week, was the first team challenge. Each mentor's group teamed up to create a collection. This seems a little better than most team challenges, because the designers seem a bit more charitable toward their teammates.

Overall, there was less team drama than most seasons any season of Project Runway. However, Nick's team got off to a rough start. He was overly "helpful" at first, but when he took a step back and let them figure things out, they ended up being the winning team. Oscar took a leadership role and earned a win. His look isn't my favorite of any designer's but it's amazing work for the short amount of time.

Mondo's team was safe, which ended their winning streak. Overall, the designs seemed nice, but they weren't spectacular. I would love to hear Nina Garcia's comments on bloodied skirts for women.

Anya's team landed in the bottom. I get the feeling that Anya doesn't realized how ciritcal she comes off sometimes. I think she expects her designers to fight her more if they believe in something or respond like she did on her season by doing what she thought was best anyway (and winning because of it). They usually try to please her though, and that hasn't been going well. I think she needs to consult with Tim and get to know her team a little better.

Luckily for her, they didn't eliminate anyone in a surprise ending. I'm glad to see more from the designers, but I'm worried about what this means for our next runway show. Will two designers go home?


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