Etsy Shop of the Week Revisit: Tom Banwell

Shop: Tom Banwell Designs

Why We Love It: Every so often, it becomes nessecary to revisit an Etsy shop we've featured in the past (After all, we've been covering Etsy since 2007). We originally posted about Tom Banwell Designs in July of 2009. Over 4 years later, the shop has grown and the stunning masks range from beautiful to bizarre. Picking favorites was nearly impossible. Let your Halloween heart burst with joy by scrolling through the whole shop. You won't regret it.

Price Range: $20 - $475

Links: Website / Blog

Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow below to see some of our favorites.)

Pictured: Dragonfly Mask $39; Vixen Half Mask $32; Rococo Mask $42; Butterfly Mask $39; Roxy Mask $32; Snowflake Mask $39; Raven Mask $59; Eyecage Mask $49; Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask $475; Bunny Mast $65; Fox Mask $49; Bird Mask $39; Swirly Mask $39 (also pictured above)


Anonymous said…
I think the red one is the prettiest. : )

I also notice they have a fox mask. I wonder what it says?

I'm so not funny.

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