Whimsical Print Tops

I need some tops. Somehow, I've ended up all bottoms and layering tanks with nothing to pair with the bottoms or wear over the tanks. While the practical side of me thinks I should buy basic, professional, classic tops, the fun side of me says, "Why do plain old polka dots when you can dot a top with cartoon people at an umbrella cafe?" or "Forget leopard print; buy a shirt spotted with little leopards." I can wear a shirt adorned with tiny bunnies to a business meeting, right?
Pictured: Rabbits & Rings Top, Romwe, $25.33; Sailboat Tee, Modcloth, $37.99; Wine and Dine Blouse, Modcloth, $57.99

Pictured: Zebra Tank, Anthropologie, $128; Citrus Tee, Anthropologie, $148; Bicycle Tee, Forever21, $12.80
Pictured: Cat Smiles Blouse, Romwe, $25.99; Giraffe-ic Jam Top, Modcloth, $39.99; Ice Cream Cone Top, Modcloth, $39.99

What would you want to wear on a whimsical top?


Anonymous said…
this is too funny, I feel like I'm going through the same thing! The ice cream shirt is my favorite. Definite winner :)

Jael Paris said…
Bunnies for sure. Bunnies or books. But not bunnies and books because that ends poorly for books every time.

I also really love that eyeglasses print I posted in a PD a few weeks ago.
Anonymous said…
I thought the top, middle one was the Sydney Opera House.
Bespoke Tailor said…
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