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My hair is almost to mid-back now, and I just need to bind it up to get it out of the way. A bun or ponytail can often look more casual than I want, so I've been swooning over the hair jewelry pictured in Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby. Sparkly rhinestones in your hair are usually for weddings or other formal occasions, but I feel most of what I've selected below could work for a lunch with friends and some could even go to work.

Top: silver hair chain, Mod Cloth $23
pearl hair chain, ASOS $31
pink rhinestone hair clip, ASOS $9.50 (sale)
spiked rhinestone headband, Nordstrom $28
Bottom: romantic rhinestone garland, Nordstrom $80
star burst headband, ASOS $25.50 (sale)
pearl bobby pins, ASOS $17
raw crystal chain crown, Urban Outfitters $19

If you want more hair jewelry, head over to our Facebook page to see what else I'm ogling.


Jennifer Wells said…

I want to get a hair tikka like what Aishwarya sports here:

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