Yoga Instructer on the Go

A little over a month ago, reader jenn asked us to put together some sets for her lifestyle. She works in nutrition and does classes at a yoga studio. Well, I'm not sure of all that you need, jenn, but I'm sure simple and sporty is a big part of it. If you want to go from working with a client, running errands or teaching nutrition to actually participating in yoga you probably need clothes that multitask. I've put together a few looks that allow for a work out with out a complete wardrobe change. (These are just looks. I'll have to do budget friendly shopping in the future).

Yoga pants and a work out tank are pretty basic fare, but under a bright shirt dress they look like chic leggings and a cami. Pair them with a colorful bag that can carry all the essentials and sporty flats that could work just as well in the gym as on the street.
Work Out to Lunch Out

Capri yoga pants can work the same way. Here, I've layered them under a cute skirt (though you could ditch the pants all together in this look) and added a cute jacket to the mix.
Gym to Just Running Errands

I actually have a pair of yoga pants that I wear as leggings with a little tunic/dress similar to this one. (I wear them to work when I want to be super comfy. Shhh. Don't tell).  I throw on boots and pair the look number with a tank top. Here you might want to swap your shoes for the gym. You could easily wear flat boots or sport flats like those pictured above instead of the wedge boots here.
Working Up a Sweat to Working It

If you want to get more out of sporty items look for things that can do double duty. This top is clearly made for a gym setting, but I love it with a leather skirt, stockings and statement shoes.
Club to 5K

So jenn, and all our dear readers, what other kinds of looks do you need in your life? We'll do our best to come up with solutions.


Jennifer Wells said…
Ah, pretty sunshiney colors, how I need you today.
jenn said…
I love them!!! Thank you soo much

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