Pick of the Week: Faux Leather Peplum Top

This weekend, I was on the prowl for a sleeveless faux leather peplum top. If you imagine this exact style made in crisp white cotton or lux blue silk, you can easily see it is the perfect top. It's office friendly but still workable for a night out. You can wear it under a cropped blazer or cardigan when it's cold and go sans topper when it warms up. The design makes it figure friendly even on days when your body disagrees with you. Now add leather to the mix and it is suddenly tougher while still being feminine. It's a foil to your most feminine skirt and encourages you to buy snake print jeans for the weekend. It's also on sale for $48 at ASOS, and it will soon be mine.


Jennifer Wells said…
We're expecting #3, due in September. Excited, but also a little nose-scrunch that I have to put little gems like that one on hold for awhile.
Jael Paris said…
Congratulations, Nora!

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