Valentine's Dresses for Everyone

I used to wear all black and eat too much ice cream on Valentine's day. Recently, I've embraced the cute, the pink and the pretty. It's fun and girly so I don't really care if the lovey-dovey part of the holiday isn't my thing. Whatever your thing is, there is a Valentine's dress for you. Here are just a few to choose from.
What's Your Type? Valentine's Dresses

Pink free zone: Modcloth, $84.99
Put a bird on it: eShakti, $79.95
Show some heart: Modcloth, $64.99
Berry fancy ruffles: Target $49.99

What's Your Type? Valentine's Dresses

Pinned-up pin up: Neiman Marcus, $162
Brocade beauty: Anthropologie, $398
Lady in lace: Nordstrom, $118
Jane Austen fan: Anthropologie, $198


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