The Rule of Three

We don't have many fashion rules, because rules aren't fun and we believe fashion should be; however, we often speak of "the rule of three." The rule of three is very simple. If you think you are wearing two colors that clash, add a third color. That may sound like it would make the problem worse, but the majority of the time, the third color provides balance and makes your outfit look intentional.

Teal, which I have professed my love for many times, used to bug the crap out of me. I avoided it. The fact that stuck in my craw the most was that if you bought five things that were all labeled teal, none of them would be the same shade. In the outfit below, I found shoes, a skirt, and a blouse that were all called teal. Those shoes may not match that skirt, but with the top and a dark blue belt, it all looks thematic. For variety, I added jewelry in a completely different color.
Teal and Pink

Many people struggle with wearing black and brown together, or with mixing red and pink. Likewise, adding a third shade makes it work. Cream and grey are your secret weapons for befriending black and brown.
Black and Grey. Brown and Cream

Here I have a deep cherry, tomato and bright pink living in harmony. Take out any one piece, and the look clashes.
Mixing Reds and Pinks

Likewise, the orange dress and green scarf are an odd combination, but the mustard shoes and brown jacket bring everything together.
Green Scarf

Happy mixing!


S Haines said…
LOVE these color combos, esp the black + elegantly casual. Thank you for these great tips!

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