Retro Lingerie

You know those boudoir scenes in classic (or period) movies? They usually start with a man who maybe shouldn't be there just as he enters the room and finds a stunning woman at her vanity. She wears a slip or silk bra with full-coverage panties, maybe a garter belt all loosely exposed by a robe. These are not the undergarments of a drunk spring breaker. They are not the undergarments of a pole dancers. They are the undergarments of a sophisticated woman who knows she is in charge of the man who maybe shouldn't be there, and she'll look great doing it.

Top: red bra $38, panties $15 from Mod Cloth
blue bra $73, panties $53, garter skirt $69 from Mod Cloth
ruffle slip, Victoria's Secret $68
Bottom: wireless bra $49, key hole panties $58 from Anthropologie
red lace bra $77, panties $51 What Katie Did on Amazon
pink full coverage bra $24, shorts $24 at Mod Cloth


Bali bra 3335 said…
Fits perfectly, minimizes nicely with great support. Material is nice, doesn't hang up under your blouse. I love it!!!

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