Etsy Shop of the Week: Nylon Journal

Shop: Nylon Journal

Why We Love It: I love tights. I currently have more pairs of tights than I have pairs of socks. I can't quite keep track of all the colors I have now. I love them. I especially love these bold graphic designs from Nylong Journal. The skeleton tights (right) are my favorite, but I would love to get any pair from this shop. I would probably wear the button tights (in the slideshow below) backwards so I had buttons up the back of my legs. So fun!

Price Range: $24 - $44

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter 

Featured Items:
(click through the slide show to see more great finds)

Pictured: Eye Exam tights $27; Cyborg tights $32; Chandelier tights $24; Subway tights $44; Button tights $29; Barcode tights $29; Skeleton tights $27 (also pictured above)


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