Project Runway All Stars Season 2: The Looks So Far

We're coming to the end of another Project Runway All Stars! (The only reason I'm glad they're still doing regular Project Runway is to give us more designers for All Stars. It's so much better!) For a refresher, here's a look back at all the looks the final four have create this season. Click through to slide shows to see each look as well as how the look placed and which challenge it was from.

Anthony Ryan




Who will you be cheering on tonight? I, personally will be cheering for Anthony Ryan (and cheering a little for Uli too).


Cait Throop said…
For me it is all about Anthony Ryan and Uli. Maybe a little slanted toward Uli but I love this show and this time I didn't really have any complaints about who they sent home...well, maybe a few complaints about WHEN they sent them home but truly I like the top ones!
Rachel said…
I'm finally caught up! I'm also rooting for Anthony Ryan and Uli.

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