Project Runway All-Stars S2 E11: Top Three

In a shocking move, Project Runway All Stars actually eliminated a designer to give us a top three. I didn't think they would do it, and while I think they chose correctly, I'm still a little sad. How could I not be? We've been with these designers through their regular seasons and this one. They are all talented and I want to see more from all of them. Thankfully, they should all have great careers.
The final four were treated to the ultimate challenge. They were flown to Paris to shop at one of the world's top couture fabric shops, but that wasn't all. They also got to visit the House of Valentino where they were not only invited to see the couture show, but were allow to touch and feel a lot of the clothes that were receiving final touches before the show.

After this, the jeg-lagged designers were forced to make a couture-inspired gown in almost no time at all. I really wish All Stars would allow the designers more time. I know they are trying to rush the production along, but I want to see what the designers can do when they aren't rushed.

Emilio created a very regal gown. He used his expensive Parisian fabric well. The judges were impressed and passed him on to the next round.

Anthony Ryan won again! I loved his dress. He did the best job of doing something that had a couture feel to it in such a short amount of time. Even Georgina couldn't quite figure out the construction, which was fun to watch. I'm glad he won and I hope he wins the whole season.

I think the jet lag really got to Uli. She just short of lost her vision, but he idea was really cool. I thought the judges were going to keep her and dismiss Joshua, but I liked their solution. . .

Joshua's dress didn't work. I appreciate his risk-taking, but this was not a great look or a couture-inspired look at all. He did get a chance to redeem himself, and sort of did.

Joshua and Uli were the bottom two. On top of the jet lag, they were asked to take an hour to tear apart and redesign their dresses right there on the runway. Uli took the liner that the judges hated and made a cute little easy dress and reused part of her dress to make a jacket. Joshua's dress actually worked a lot better, but not as well as Uli's. Guest judge Cynthia Rowley loved that Uli basically gave the judges a bit f*** you by using the liner they complained about to make the dress. She was safe and Joshua was out.

What did you think of the challenge? Are you excited to see the mini collection next week? Who do you want to win?


Cait Throop said…
Oh can't wait! I think they did the right fact, I have loved this season but wish, like you, that they had more time to work!
Rachel said…
I actually didn't like Emilio's dress so I was surprised when the judges loved it! I liked Anthony Ryan's the best, per usual. I want him to win. I thought the secondary challenge this week was cool, if for no other reason than it was something different. And the revamped looks were great! I am excited for the mini collections!

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