Project Design: Playful Print Skirt

I love skirts. I especially love fun, flouncy skirts. I've been having trouble finding them in stores, even over the summer. Thankfully, Etsians have plenty of playful prints to brighten the winter months.  Which print makes your day? Click through the slideshow to see all the options then vote below. (Links to each skirt at the bottom of this post).

Links:  City Building Full Skirt by GoFollowRabbits / Mustache Skirt by Vintage Galleria / Hobbit Skirt (with ring inscription) by Roobys / Planet Print Skirt by melrowe / Fairytale Forest Skirt by madewithlovebyhannah

P.S. How do you like this format for Project Design? Love or Loathe (or Indifferent)?


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