Print Jeans

It's cold, so I've been wearing my jeans a lot as they're the only warm pants I own. *Shakes angry fist at thin dress pants.* They are starting to bore me to tears, and I really don't want to get to the point that I can't think beyond blue.

I've never been a fan of print pants, but this season's print jean trend may have won me over. If your print looks like wallpaper you pulled out of a Victorian house, I'm sold. Now if they just came in a cut that wasn't skinny.
Top: metallic star jeans, Gap $39.99 (sale)
tonal cream damask print jeans, Lucky on Amazon $99
"oil spill" foil jeans, ASOS $35.18 (sale)
red polka dot jeans, Old Navy $19 (sale)
persian rug print jeans, Nordstrom $118 (sale)
large floral print jeans, Target $22.99
Bottom: colorful damask print jeans, Target $27.99 WANT!
grey animal print jeans, Old Navy $17 (sale)
lace print jeans, DKNY at Dillard's $53.40 (sale)
blue floral print jean, Gap $69.95
neutral floral print jean, Target $22.99*
metallic damask jeans, Zappos $106.80 (sale)

*A friend of ours has these and they are shockingly versatile. The print is more muted than in this picture.


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