Hold on to your hats. This is exciting stuff.

eShatki is the most exciting online shopping experience I've found since Etsy. They sell the sort of cute, feminine dresses, skirts, tops, and jackets we love from stores like Mod Cloth and Anthropologie, but with an exciting twist -- the clothing is customizable. You want sleeveless instead of an elbow length sleeve? Done. At the knee instead of mini? Doable. Mandarin collar instead of notched? Okay. They ask for your height on all orders because the clothing is scaled for height. You can even have any item custom made for your measurements. And how much will all this customization cost you? Surely you're looking at no less than $50 a dress surcharge. Nope. You can get what you want tailored to your body for only an extra $7.50.

Oh, and all the clothes are available in sizes 0-36W. Unlike many stores that charge more for plus sizes, the cost at eShatki is the same no matter the size.


lisacng said…
I received a dress via a giveaway and the quality and fit was spot-on!
t said…
I just got a dress from eShakti! :)

Sounds amazing and fabulous! I guess, I'll just pick a dress that could pretty much match up with the accessories and engagement ring I've got. I'm so happy for this post, I've learn something.

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