Etsy Shop of the Week: yastik izi

Shop: yastik izi

Why We Love It: Sometimes Etsy shops are vast and filled with fabulous clothing or accessories. Something they offer only a few variations on one amazing or unique item or idea. And sometimes they mainly sell one very simple thing. That's today's shop, which pretty much only sells gloves that have a heart in the palms when your hands are together. It's not earth-shattering. It's not even really high fashion. It's just something sweet and warm and cute and a little cheesy*. And it makes me smile.

Price Range:$32 - $35

More info: The gloves come in a regular and fingerless varieties (as well as mittens for kids). There are a large variety of colors to choose from and custom orders are accepted.

*Best of all, these are a bit cheesy (which is a good thing in my book) without being very noticeable. You would have to show someone the heart by putting your hands together. It's a good way to be playful if you wearing overly playful clothing an accessories doesn't work for your daily life. It's like wearing a secret, a happy secret.


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