Etsy Shop of the Week: Cloche Encounters

Shop: Cloche Encounters by ohmama

Why We Love It: Why don't people wear more hats? They are stunning, and extremely practical for bad hair days or days when there is so much wind your hair simply doesn't have a change. Besides, with hats like this in the world--you'd think everyone would want to don one.

Price Range: $13 - $325

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Favorite Items:

Gray Slouched Brim Cloche With Lavender Chiffon Roses $110; Hollywood Style Brimmed Hat In Burgundy Wine Velour $95; Chocolate Brown Felt Cloche with Melon Peach Lace $130; Burgundy Felt Fedora $48; Crochet Cranberry Red Flapper Hat $93; Straw Cloche Hat In Midnight Blue $115; Purple Lovers Cloche $175; Flapper Headband With Scarlet Feathers And Beads $80; Steampunk Top Hat In Red Wine Velour $255; Flapper Headband Red Rose Dripping With Black Lace $65; Flapper Cloche In Plum Wool Felt $255; Gray Flapper Cloche $100; Deep Purple Felt Flower Fascinator $45; Cloche 1920 Style Hat $135; Fedora Style Gray Wool Hat With Attached Neck Scarf $85; 1920 Style Sueded Alabaster Cream Cloche $255; Black Cloche With Large Flower $90; Mrs. Indiana Jones Brown Felt Fedora $80; Old Hollywood Style Gray Cloche with Bow $125 (also pictured above)


Jennifer Wells said…
I think one reason why hats fell out of favor is the taking off and putting on. Is it considered rude to wear a hat indoors? Or is that just for men?

My aunt said that when she worked at a bank (fifties? sixties?) that they were required to wear white gloves every day. That sounds like a pain.
Jael Paris said…
Women weren't expected to take their hats off indoors, just men.

I've had jobs where I had to handle money all day. Gloves would have been awesome. People put their money in disgusting places.
perstef said…
My grandmother has some amazing hats. I've always wanted an event that would be a good excuse to borrow them!

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