Your Growing Relationship With Color

On Monday, I said that I own three orange tops (it's actually five because I forgot to include my sweaters). This was not always the case. In fact, it wasn't until college that I was willing to give orange a chance. As a kid, I thought orange was the ugliest color and couldn't understand why anyone would wear it. When I got older, I appreciated the way orange blended with other colors, the warmth it emitted, and the memories of sunsets and fall it evoked. Now it's a wardrobe staple.

Are there any colors that you now love that you used to scorn?


becca said…
I never scorned green, but I also never really wore it until I happened upon a green tee shirt and green purse around the same time. Suddenly, I noticed how void of green my closet was. The color took over from there.
Fanya said…
Mustard yellow. It's the color of poop, why in the world would ANYone wants to wear something that's the color of poop?

That was the connotation my young 7yr old mind made. Now it doesn't reminds me of that, I'm totally find wearing it. It helps transitioning when I'm pairing brown with black (*gasp* yes).
Elizabeth said…
I felt the same way with purple back in the day, but now I realize that it looks good with my green eyes and red hair.

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