Tips for Casual Dress

Dressing casually should not be a problem. America has a long history of casual sportswear. So why do most Americans think casual means baggy jeans and a logo tee shirt? No! If you would wear something to paint your house, do not wear it to meet your friend for coffee or take your dog to the park. Both your friend and your dog deserve better than your chorey best.

Change your pants. Instead of standard blue jeans, reach for colored or patterned jeans. Even if you're still wearing a plain white tee with them, it will instantly look like you put great thought into your outfit.
Weekend Casual

Casual Rock Star

Consider a skirt. Skirts are undervalued as casual attire in America (at least in the Midwest), but skirts are available in comfy jersey, cotton and denim. Put a skirt with a casual top, flats, and minimal jewelry.
Saturday at the Library

Get a drawstring dress. A drawstring waist, common on sweatpants, is ultra casual. Put a drawstring waist on a dress and you have casual without the stink of the gym.
Apple Picking


Jennifer Wells said…
I admit to wearing jeans fairly often. They're warm, modest, comfortable, and since I have two children, very easy to clean. But another nice alternative is colored corduroys. I have some in kind of a faded wine color. I may go shopping for more.
Jael Paris said…
Jeans are awesome, but it's easy to make them a habit. The one downside with jeans is if you feel like wearing a slubby top, your whole look appears sloppy.
RBStyle said…
Great Tips... love all the print and color blends.

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