Sleep became very important to us last week. Flying to Japan wasn't that big of a deal; two days of jet lag, that's it. Flying back, however, was a nightmare. One week later, and we're still up at 3a.m. When my friend showed me some super colorful, print jammie pants, I was pretty excited. After all, I both love and miss sleep.
When I saw that Punjammies are made by Indian women rescued from forced prostitution as a means of teaching them a skill and providing holistic care for their new life, I was very excited. The welfare of women is Asia has always been a cause close to my heart. Click here to learn more about the International Princess Project and what they're doing to help enslaved women.


Anonymous said…
I would also like to mention that Punjammies can sometimes be found here:


It's a great place to shop!

--Nora B

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