Project Runway Season 10 Last Two Weeks

I missed the final challenge last week because I was in Japan for a dear friend's wedding. However, I feel like I didn't miss too much. Yes, the designers were given an avant-garde challenge, but they didn't quite live up to the wow-factor I'd hoped for. Here are some quick thoughts in the slideshow below.

Overall, I'm glad the judges decided to take a look back at all of their work to decide who went through to fashion week. I can't say I'm surprised by the final four. I expected to see the three guys get through, at least to the final four, but I wasn't sure if Melissa or Sonjia would represent the women. Both of them struggle with confidence and committing to a look. Melissa hasn't done quite as well during the competition, but the judges liked her avant-garde look better. Sonjia has won four challenge,s but the judges didn't like her avant-garde look. Also, Melissa's vibe is probably seen by the judges as the "cooler" of the two. Sonjia can read a little junior at times. I plan on watching Sonjia to see what she does in the future. She has a lot of potential. I look forward to the day she does Project Runway All Stars.

* * *

This week we saw abbreviated home visits from Tim before the designers headed back to New York City to duke it out for one of three spots at Fashion Week. I prefer to see longer home visits, although most the designers seemed a little displaced. Both Fabio and Dmitry were living in borrowed spaces. In Dmitry's case he had to quit his job because he was gone for so long and his lease was up so he was living elsewhere. Also, he had no friends or family in town for his visit. It was a little sad, but he was able to focus on his collection so that was good.

Fabio's collection surprised me. I actually think he has a shot at winning if he pulls it together well. He did a very avant-garde collection but used bright candy colors. The judges seemed extremely impressed and actually liked his "demented" shoes, which Tim very much disliked during critiques. The main criticisms from the judges were his strange styling (those terrible wigs) and that some of his pieces seemed a bit cheap and unfinished. If he can polish the styling and those pieces, he might have a stunning and very unique collection on his hands. It would be exciting to see something so different and "non-commercial" on the Project Runway stage.

Dmitry's tailoring continues to wow both me and the judges. He also showcased a lot of ideas, which did work to his disadvantage because he ended up all over the place. I think he has a lot of fascinating pieces, but he is going to have to edit carefully when putting together his final collection. Some of the work he did with the fabrics could earn him a win, but he will have to rise above what the judges called "dowdy" styling.

Christopher fell apart when selecting his pieces for this preliminary showcase. He did not choose well, and he has me worried. He has probably been my favorite to win all season. I love the idea of the x-ray, which he did in a very literal way. As Nina said, I didn't expect him to go so dark with his collection so I hope he hasn't lost his very feminine touch in doing that. I hope he puts everything together better and stays focused. I'm still cheering for him.

Melissa's collection is very Melissa, but I think she was right to panic when she saw what the other three designers had made. Her collection is very commercial and it could sell very well, but I don't think she has enough "wow factor" to win this competition. Also, her styling is currently awful. I had expected the judges to cut her before she had a chance to show her full collection, but they left her in. I'm looking forward to seeing everything she has done, but I doubt it will be winning-material.

Who do you want to win next week? Who do you think will win?


Unknown said…
My favorite to win right now is between Dmitry and Christopher, but I think Dmitry will take home the title, unless Christopher does something amazing with that print he created. I will miss part two of the finale because of my new work schedule at DISH. I am still upset no one was eliminated, but it gives everyone something to talk about. My Hopper is set to record the second part of the finale, and with all the DVR recording space I’m set to record “Project Runway: All stars” when it premieres.

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