Etsy Shop of the Week: Nihan Altuntas

Shop: Nihan Altuntas

Why We Love It: It's fall! This means it's time to break out the cuddly sweaters and grab a cute scarf to wear with your jacket. Niahn Altuntas takes that knitwear to a new level and transforms the everyday sweater into a work of art.

Price Range: $48 - $680

Links: Website / Facebook

Favorite Items: (click through slide show below)

Pictured: Aqua Cardigan $520; Lolipop Prom Dress $680; Aqua Short Sleeve Sweater $295; Accordiona Accordion Sleeve Sweater $320; Crazy Hat $74; Aero UFO Sweater $275; Knit Thing Wrap $140; Aqua Cardigan $310; Pebbles Vest $680; Knit Thing Scarf $60; Railway Hat $48; Cocoon Sweater $560 (also pictured above)


Jennifer Wells said…
I have a couple of friends who are super-crafty with the knitting needles. This post makes me want to try joining them!

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