Colorful Cardigans

In case you haven't gathered from all of our color posts, I'm a very colorful person. It's strange then that I own so few colored cardigans. I need something for my colorful fall outfits other than a sad brown topper. Below is a collection of cardigans ranging from casual to professional, playful to collegiate, and all in color.

Top: purple tonal, Macy's $38.98
red contrast trim, Top Shop $30 (sale)
teal ruffle, Victoria's Secret $39.60 (sale)
Middle: orange and navy print, Anthropologie $118
pink stripe, Victoria's Secret $63.60 (sale)
bright stripes, Target $15 (sale)
Bottom: green hearts, ASOS $36.94 (sale)
pink double closure, Anne Klein $49 (sale)
coral stripes, Nordstrom $27.97 (sale)


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