The Horror: Push Up Work Out

Victoria's Secret is offering a new sports bra called the "Showtime" ($54.50-$54.60). That's totally what I go to the gym for--Showtime!

This is a push-up sports bra. Not only does this bra expect you to head to the gym in full hair and makeup, but it also wants you to add hot padding to your boobs for "lift and cleavage." Great, a sports bra with a built-in boob sweat sponge.

This "sports bra" offers medium support, which means it's better than a shelf bra but more suited to preening on an stair stepper than running. Of course, this bra isn't for the down and dirty, get sweaty types. This is for the workout Barbie who treats the track and treadmill like a runway.

Victoria's Secret is going to make a fortune. They even added glitter to the design, but it will cost you an extra two bucks. I'm surprised it isn't sold out already.

(My gym has a dress code that requires clothing. They do not consider sports bras and hot pants clothing. They even require one-piece swimsuits in the pool. As a result of these rules, we have no workout Barbies--just regular people of all shapes and sizes getting stronger and healthier. I love my gym.) 


Jael Paris said…
This is just too funny.
Anonymous said…

She looks AMAZING. My sister likes me a lot this gift because it makes you feel more bulky, is very happy, besides me that are very good quality because it does not lose Fur man after washing.

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